Mobilgrease Xhp 220 Grease

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16 Mar 2023
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Mobilgrease Xhp 220 Grease

Manufacturer: Mobil
Brand Name: Mobilgrease
Soap/Thickener: Lithium Complex
Nlgi Grade: O
Application: See Below
Oil Viscosity Cst At 40°C:
Oil Viscosity Cst At 100°C:
Dropping Point °C: 270
Max Op Temp °C: 140
Min Op Temp °C: Unavailable
Color: Blue
Worked Penetration: 370
Timken Ok Load Lb: 40
Extreme Pressure: Yes
Food Grade (Nsf H1): No

Mobilgrease Xhp 220 Greases Are Extended Service Lithium Complex Greases Intended For A Wide Variety Of Applications And Severe Operating Conditions. These Greases Were Designed To Outperform Conventional Products By Applying Cutting Edge, Proprietary, Lithium Complex Manufacturing Technology. They Are Formulated To Provide Excellent High Temperature Performance With Superb Adhesion, Structural Stability And Resistance To Water Contamination. These Greases Have A High Level Of Chemical Stability And Offer Excellent Protection Against Rust And Corrosion. These Greases Feature High Dropping Points And Maximum Recommended Operating Temperature Of 140° C (284°F). Mobilgrease Xhp 220 Greases Are Available In Nlgi Grades 00, 0, 1, 2 And 3 With An Iso Vg 220 Base Oil Viscosity.

Mobilgrease Xhp 220 Greases Are Designed For A Wide Range Of Applications Including The Industrial, Automotive, Construction And Marine Sectors. Their Performance Features Make Them Ideal Choices For Operating Conditions Including High Temperature, Water Contamination, Shock Loading And Extended Re-Lubrication Operations. Mobilgrease Xhp 222 Special Is An Extreme Pressure Grease Containing Molybdenum Disulfide That Provides Protection From Wear Under Conditions Pivoting And Other Conditions That Lead To Loss Of Oil Film.

Mobilgrease Xhp 220 Greases Are Leading Members Of The Mobilgrease Brand Of Products, Which Have Gained A Reputation World-Wide For Innovation And Performance Excellence.Mobilgrease Xhp 220 Greases Are State-Of-The-Art Products Designed By Our Formulation Technologists And Backed By Our World-Wide Technical Support Staff.

A Key Factor In The Excellent Adhesion And Cohesion Properties And High Drop Point Of Mobilgrease Xhp 220 Greases Is The Proprietary Manufacturing Technology Developed At Our Research Facilities And Adopted By Our Modern Manufacturing Facilities. These Products Use Specially Selected Additives To Provide Excellent Oxidation Stability, Rust And Corrosion Control, Resistance To Water Contamination As Well As Anti-Wear And Ep Protection.

Mobilgrease Xhp 220 Greases Are Used In A Wide Range Of Equipment Including Industrial, Automotive, Construction And Marine Applications. Their Blue Color Enables Easy Verification Of Application:

Mobilgrease Xhp 005 And 220 Are Softer, High-Temperature Greases Recommended For Centralized Grease Application Systems, Gear Lubrication, And Where Extreme-Cold-Temperature Pumpability Is Important.


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